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Condensation occurs when high levels of humid air can’t be released from a property. When this trapped air touches cold surfaces such as walls or windows it then condenses. If this is not treated quickly then the condensation can lead to the development of mould issues.

Condensation is most noticeable in the colder winter months and is easily identified by such factors as, walls feel cold to the touch, damp patches appear, paint blistering, wallpaper peeling and a prevailing smell of a musty damp odour. In addition, you may experience black mould growth usually on skirting boards, window edges and wall/ceiling junctions.

This mould has its own serious and adverse effects not only on properties but also people. Mould spores are known allergens and can easily be made airborne which then allows them to be digested or inhaled by people and have been cited as a trigger to asthma, hay fever and dust allergies.

Various dry rot treatments exist and which one is required varies depending on several factors including the extent of the condensation and/or mould, the location, size and age of the property affected.

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Our Condensation Control Services and mould control treatments will help delay and prevent future problems.